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Joining the TMCA


The TMCA wish to represent industry in a broad and balanced manner, therefore our members have to reflect this.

Within the TMCA we have market leaders in 12AB, 12C and 12D works. The association is however a small sample of companies within the UK but over time, the industry is looking to grow and increase it's representation of the UK market by having more members and therefore, more companies voices heard. This must be done in a controlled and carefully structured way to ensure that the association does not lose sight of its overall mission.

Below you will clearly see the eligibility for potential new companies to join the association. If companies meet this, then they will be able to apply to become a member. Member applications are then considered to ensure that the company's ethos reflects that of the TMCA. It is also prudent to point out that memberships spaces are limited whilst the association concentrates on managed growth to safeguard the high levels of value that current members are used to.

To join, your company must meet the following criteria:


  • Accredited in at least two of the following NHSS: 12A/B, 12C, 12D.
  • A minimum of 3 years trading in traffic management
  • Minimum of 30 direct employees
  • Minimum of £3m traffic management related turnover


If they do so, the application form and supporting documentation is available to download at The criteria can be seen below:

Application Criteria

  • Prepared to work in line with the TMCA Member Code of Conduct
  • Be able to provide references from 6 individual contracts / schemes / clients
  • Provide a written statement for the organisation on its ethos and values in relation to temporary traffic management, how the organisation already implements the values of the TMCA and the reason for wanting to assist and support the TMCA in achieving their mission and objectives
  • Joining Fee - In the event that the application made by the company is approved by the TMCA the company will be required to pay an enrolment fee (currently £1,000.00). Having joined the TMCA, the company will be required to pay an annual subscription fee, the amount of which is fixed for all the members in accord with the projected commitments of the Association.


Member organisations must make a representative available to attend all member committees.


Download an application pack



Associate Membership

(A new type of membership for non TTM organisations):

Associate members are members who are those who are invited by the TMCA executive committee to join the association as they are identified as market leaders in their field of work who can collaborate with the TMCA and assist in achieving the association's objectives. If organisations believe that this applies to them and they can add value to any industry topics or current working groups, they should get in touch with the TMCA via the contact page. We would be keen to discuss collaborative working relationships with any companies that fit the requirements of this. We do however ask that organisations are aware that these positions are limited and will only be available when the TMCA deem they are required.


You can find the Approved Agency List in our Resource Section