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About TMCA

Traffic Management Contractors Association

The Traffic Management Contractors Association (TMCA) was established in 1989.


We are a trade association which represents the views of its members. We strive to develop, innovate to ultimately increase safety standards throughout the traffic management sector at major roadworks sites on a national basis.

Members of the TMCA are required to consistently set high standards for the installation, maintenance and removal of traffic management and to be at the forefront in establishing industry best practice, raising safety standards though collaboration and innovation.

The TMCA provides a forum for consulting with all the major stakeholders, including the Highways England, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Health & Safety Executive and the County Surveyors Society.

Members of the TMCA have been collectively trading for over 200 years, and it’s this depth of experience which enables the TMCA to represent the industry within organisations such as the Road Workers Safety Forum (RoWSaF).

The TMCA has had a significant input into the industry's major documentation, such as:

  • Guidance for Safer Traffic Management
  • Traffic Management – a Good Working Practice
  • Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual
  • Sector Scheme 12 of the Specification for Highway Works



To represent all TMCA members and other interested parties in establishing and leading the highest industry standards in health, safety, wellbeing, social value, sustainability, innovation and technology for the installation, operation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management.



The Traffic Management Contractors Association (TMCA) was established in 1989 (encouraged by the Department for Transport) as a trade association to represent the views of its members, and to further the development (and increase safety) with regard to temporary traffic management systems at major roadworks and all other traffic management sites on a national basis.

Members have participated in and or led most of the innovation and safety improvements in the TTM industry since then.


Key Focuses

The TMCA has 6 key focuses that align with the association’s purpose. All activities undertaken by the association shall fall into one of these focuses.

To improve the health and safety record of the temporary traffic management industry and work with members to achieve zero harm, and raise awarenes

To coordinate strategies within the temporary traffic management industry to generate social value opportunities and support members’ efforts to fo

To become the primary source of technical and other best practice documentation that supports the industry and interested parties.

To work with members towards net zero in the temporary traffic management industry.

To lead and support industry strategies, projects and working groups that improve the temporary traffic management industry.

To assist the members by coordinating and communicating current and future matters that effects the temporary traffic management industry.