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TMCA Structure

Traffic Management Contractors Association

The TMCA consists of five parties:

  • Executive committee
  • Members
  • Task and Finish Groups
  • Agency Labour Providers


Executive committee

The TMCA is led by an Executive Committee. The executive committee consists the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Technical Officer and Secretary who manage the affairs and operational business of the TMCA.



The TMCA is made up of members who are traffic management companies that want to positively drive forward change within the industry and take a unified approach to tackling industry issues and opportunities to drive change. These members are carefully selected to ensure that they all have a shared ethos and desire to meet the association's mission and objectives. The TMCA also has associate members who are those who are invited by the TMCA executive committee to join the association as they are identified as market leaders in their field of work who can collaborate with the TMCA and assist in achieving the association's objectives.


Task and Finish Groups

These are smaller groups that are within the TMCA made up of TMCA member representatives. Each Task and Finish Group shall have a specific TTM Industry related topic/issue that they will focus on, as and when the TMCA feel a Task and Finish Group is required. These groups will be given a designated Lead Member and will have a defined objective of the group that they are required to achieve within a specified time frame.


Agency Providers

Agency providers are a key supply chain partner to the traffic management industry. The TMCA have developed a charter in which agency providers will sign up to ensure that they can help drive and achieve the objectives and requirements that TMCA members adhere to. Companies whom are part of this charter benefit by having exclusive supply rights to TMCA members and by being kept up to date with industry changes.



Traffic Management Contractors Association

You can find the Approved Agency List in our Resource Section