Road Worker Safety Strategy - Training Video


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On 18TH November 2009 at the Tower of London, the Highways Agency launched their Road Worker Safety Strategy.
The introduction was given by Chris Mole MP, Under Secretary of State for Transport and presented by Graham Dalton, Chief Executive, Highways Agency (H.A) Now Highways England.
In this strategy document the H.A. set out their proposal to adopt an ‘Aiming for Zero’ approach to Health & Safety with a view to eliminating all fatalities and serious injuries to road workers maintaining their network. As part of this, they set a goal for industry of ‘Exposure Zero’ with an aim to eliminate the need for road workers involved in routine maintenance of the network to be on foot on the live carriageway, and a target date of 2016 was set.
Mr Dalton stated “We cannot do this alone. We need a cross industry approach with a commitment to change.”
Road Worker Safety Video
TMCA were already actively working on many traffic management issues with the HA, HTMA and HSE through the Road Workers Safety Forum (RoWSaF) and accepted the challenge to achieve this. Over the next few years, the industry changed dramatically. New purpose built vehicles were developed along with new procedures for placing and removing lane closures on High Speed Roads where most of the serious accidents had occurred. 
With the help of TMCA and the Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) this goal was achieved and the HA were able to bring the target date of 2016 forward to 2014. Members of the TMCA are required to set consistently high standards for the installation, maintenance and removal of traffic management schemes and to be at the forefront in establishing Industry Best Practice.
In view of this, the TMCA decided to produce a lane closure installation safety video, as we felt there was a need for a clear training aid for new operatives to the industry and to reinforce the new procedures to existing workforces.