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Up To Date Interim Advice Notes (IANs) - Nov 2016

  • 188/16 - Guidance on omission of warning lights (Road danger lamps) for relaxation works on dual carriageways.
  • 187/15 - Use of a convoy control vehicle for controlling traffic through guide islands at relaxation works on dual carriageways.
  • 181/14 - Guidance on the use of impact protection vehicles (IPVs) for temporary traffic management.

Revised Sector Scheme Documents

Revised Sector Scheme Documents have been posted on UKAS website incorporating the mandatory requirements for TTMBC prior to undertaking any 12A, 12B or 12C traffic management on all networks and 12D on HE Network.

You can review these revised document by clicking the relevant links here:

TMCA Labour Agency Charter

The TMCA has drawn up a Labour Agency Charter. From October 1st 2015, TMCA members will only use these agencies for their sub-contract labour.

The charter and an approved list of agency suppliers is a available on our Resource Downloads page

TTM Vehicle Selection and Operation

The guidance document, Temporary Traffic Management Vehicle Selection and Operation on High Speed Dual Carriageways including Motorways, is now completed.

The document addresses how to manage the selection of vehicles when installing, maintaining and removing temporary traffic management for high speed dual carriageways, including motorways.  This work occurs in a high risk environment and the guidance has been developed to reduce risks to road workers whilst not transferring that risk to road users. 

To IPV or not to IPV

That is the question many of those working in the traffic management industry will be asking in the light of the Highways Agency advice notes IAN 150/12, IAN 150/14 and the soon to be published IAN 181/14.

At Seeing Is Believing this November, TMCA will put this new Health & Safety Executive supported guidance on operative protection into action with a series of free full-scale demonstrations.

Read more about the event here